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Our staff photographer went out to the Chicago Lakefront to get some shots of the Chicago skyline. What he did not expect to see were so many beautifully colored birds. Lake Michigan is a main flyway for migrating birds and that makes Chicago a major stopover on their journey.

We are not bird experts and our identification efforts by means of a bird book has allowed us to name many of the observed birds.  One surprise discovery was of a bird  that only lives in Arizona. We were unable to identify many of the birds captured in these photographs and would love to hear from all of you bird watchers out there!

Chicago is no stranger to fog, particularly near the lake and while these conditions of low visibility can make for cancelled flights and dangerous travel conditions they can be eerily beautiful.    
Many residents living in high rises experience the view of nothingness that fog can bring.  Visitors can experience this by going to the top of the John Hancock building or the Willis Tower. (aka Sears Tower)
It can be a little spooky.
Fog definitely can make for some wonderful photo opportunities!
Sometimes you can literally see the fog head inland from Lake Michigan.

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