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Our photographer headed over to Chicago's lakefront to see what this winter weather had done to the landscape. What he saw was completely unfamiliar!  The snow, ice and frigid temperatures of this winter have created formations of ice and snow that are amazing!  Many of the features found along the lakefront such as ladders and mooring bollards or posts have become unrecognizable!  


Pat Forestall
02/25/2015 12:20pm

Spectacular photos! Some are actually pretty scary given how much I like the cold and ice. Taking my book and heading back to the fireplace.


Those really are amazing things caused by the winter. Winter really is an amazing season, full of surprises and mysteries yet to be unfolded. Despite the very cold breeze it produces, and plain white atmosphere that it gives, winter too has beauty in it, and can produce beauty itself. Winter could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you will see it yourself. The bad thing is that, it really is very hard to go out and go places, but the good thing is that, it produces a silent and calm atmosphere wherein you may relax yourselves and just enjoy the warmth of your home.

02/25/2015 11:13pm

The Ice Queen left her crown further up on the North Shore:

05/05/2015 5:31am

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05/29/2015 10:01am

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08/27/2015 10:10am

WOW so cool icyyy spirits)

04/06/2016 6:30am

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04/15/2016 4:51am

They are really amazing. I like these images.

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04/15/2016 9:07am

Thanks. Glad you like them.

05/13/2016 5:19am

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05/26/2016 2:32pm

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06/29/2016 10:12am

This reminds me of my childhood on the lakes of Minnesota.

07/01/2016 9:09am

Glad you liked them. I was in Grand Marais every Summer but rarely got to see the lakes in Winter.

12/23/2016 10:20am


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