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Facebook Ads already has several powerful tools to help you reach your intended audience. You can promote your content to a specific geographic area. You can pick a city or if you really want to zoom in you can put a pin on a map and set how many miles from that pin you want your ad to show. Facebook also lets you set the age and gender of the people that your ads reach. They even let you specify interests that your audience should have, such as: art, home owners, sports, etc. Drilling down your audience can greatly reduce your cost because your ads are not going to people that are not potential customers.

Now Facebook has added an even better tool to reach a specific audience. Through the Ads Manager feature you can upload your email list and send ads to just the people on your list. That means your ad is reaching only people who have already shown an interest in your company. That can greatly reduce your cost and it allows you to send a more specific message. It is a great way to follow up an email campaign. Most customers are moved to action after seeing an offer more than one time. You can send out an email promoting a big sale and then follow that up by using a Facebook Ad targeting your email list.

Steps to creating a Facebook Ads audience from your email list.

1.       Create a .csv file of your email list. You can turn an Excel file into a .csv file using the save as feature and choosing .csv as the save as type. If you use an email campaign service like Mailchimp you will have to follow their directions in their help section.
2.       Open Ads Manager.
3.       Click on the hamburger symbol in the upper left corner and look for audiences under the assets header.
4.       Click create audience and then scroll down to custom audience.
5.       Click on customer file and then click choose a file and upload your .csv file.
6.       Make sure to name the audience so you can find it easily.

Facebook will use the email addresses to try and find the Facebook accounts of the people on your list. Not everyone will be found but we had a high percentage of the people on our lists found. Now the only thing left to do is design your ads and get started. 



Doug Boehm
09/01/2016 12:05pm

I used it to send an ad to former real estate clients and got good results for only $3.


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