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You may be thinking, Hamilton for $10, you must be joking. Tickets have been sold out for months and even if you could buy them they cost a heck of a lot more than $10. Good seats are going for $500 plus for some shows, how in the world can there be $10 tickets. Luckily for us the show is generously offering 44 seats for $10 for every show. They are not just bad seats up in the rafters in the back, the seats are all over. We were lucky enough to get front row center Hamilton seats for just $10. That’s right we were literally 5 feet from the stage. I could not tell you what their shoes looked like but I know which actors didn’t brush their teeth.    

Not surprisingly you will not be alone in hoping to buy these tickets. To make it fair they hold a new lottery for every show. All you have to do is enter a bit of information on their website. There are a few strict rules; you must be 18, there is a 2 ticket limit, you have 1 hour to buy the tickets online after you are notified you won and you have to show up at the theater to get the tickets.  The lottery is held the day of the show and you will be notified just a few hours before the show so you need to be ready to go to Hamilton on short notice.

There are a few tricks to greatly increasing your odds of winning cheap tickets to Hamilton in Chicago.

  • While you can only enter once per show there are no rules against you and your significant other from both entering. You can even enter for them as long as you have 2 separate email addresses. That doubles your chances of winning.
  • Enter for as many shows as you can. If you are free to go that night make sure and enter and keep entering every chance you can go. They only allow you to enter the day of the show so you will have to do it every day.

  • Put a tab or bookmark on your phone or internet browser to remind yourself to do it and to make it easier. 

  • Be patient and persistent.  We entered dozens of times before we won. 

  • Watch your emails for a notification you have won. You only have an hour to purchase the tickets online and winning and then missing your opportunity because you saw the email too late would be very annoying. 

Good luck. It is an amazing show and well worth spending $10 to see.  



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