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In our previous article we talked about why your followers may not even receive your Facebook posts. In this article we will discuss when you should post to Facebook to maximize engagement.

Getting a lot of followers is important as long as Facebook is not filtering out your posts through their Top Stories filter. Getting onto potential clients and customers newsfeeds is great but it is also important to get a lot of engagement and views. It does not do you any good to create a great post and get it to a lot of the right people if they never see it. One of the keys is to post at an optimal time.

Many of your followers will have hundreds if not thousands of friends and companies that they follow.  If they do not go onto Facebook until many hours after you have posted, your post will be 20, 30 or maybe even 50 posts down on their newsfeed.  By the time they have scrolled all the way down to your post, if they even make it that far, they will have most likely lost interest. Your post will earn a lot more engagement if it is the first thing your followers see instead of the 30th.

The chart on the top of this page is called the “Whale” in the Chicago Social Media Marketers office because of its shape.  While this graph was created for a client, a Chicago real estate firm, it is representative of overall Facebook engagement. It shows what time of the day their posts are actually viewed. Gone are the days when there was a spike in the morning when people arrived at work and then another one when they returned home. The explosion of Facebook use on smart phones has meant that people are looking at Facebook at all times of the day and night



05/07/2016 10:39pm

It does not do you any good to create a great post and get it to a lot of the right people if they never see it. One of the keys is to post at an optimal time.

05/09/2016 5:55am

I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

06/15/2016 6:36pm

Thank you. We appreciate it.


I think even though this for business, it might work for personal accounts to answer my curiosity I tried and it worked. Thanks for sharing this it really helped me to have a maximum engagement with my Facebook followers. I really love spending time on Facebook, because I get to see stories, share my own stories and at the same time share my thoughts with my friends and followers. This time optimization really worked for me because many of my followers engaged by liking, sharing and commenting to my post. I had a very solid result posting at the time that you recommended.

Douglas Boehm
06/17/2016 7:35am

We are glad to hear this worked for you. We wish you continued success.

07/01/2016 9:57pm

Facebook is one of the best kind of social networking site where millions of people posted their activity in every single second of minute. It is most widely used app where hundreds of followers posted many updates in a day.

07/02/2016 5:09am

I’m influenced using the surpassing as well as preachy itemizing that you simply provide such small timing.

07/28/2016 10:36pm

When you're about to post something on social media, it is indeed very important to know when is the right time to do so. But more importantly, you need to know the right time in order to have a better impact on your specific target market. For my team, we found that posting around 6-7 PM hits adults more. Then around 9 PM, usually hits the teens to young adults. This has worked a lot of times for us and I hope that it keeps doing so. So I just want to say thank you for sharing this. It has been very useful.

08/03/2016 12:35pm

Thank you for this helpful comment. We are going to try it with one of our clients.


I really appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing such an useful information.


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